CASA MAYA KAAN guests immerse themselves in a positive, holistic and restorative experience from the moment of their arrival. In this serene natural heaven, guests are able to reconnect with nature, rekindle the spirit and reignite the soul. CASA MAYA KAAN is a special place where one can breathe and reconcile, where it feels like a home away from home.

A Sacred Land

Thousands of years ago the native Maya people treasured the unique natural beauty of an expanse of coastline, naming it Sian Ka’an, or “Origin of the Sky.”
Nowadays this protected biosphere reserve contains tropical forests, mangroves, and marshes, as well as a great marine area traversed by the barrier reef.
A winding dirt road through lush tropical forest opens up to an idyllic place: CASA MAYA KAAN immediately reveals its aesthetic charm inspired by the natural surrounding, the traditional Oaxacan style, and the Tulum bohemian chic décor.


Deeply rooted in its local setting, CASA MAYA KAAN delivers a truly close-to-nature experience through a responsible and sustainable ecotourism model.
Guests can enjoy locally sourced produce as well as low-environmental impact products for personal care and the household. CASA MAYA KAAN is committed to fostering environmental and cultural understanding and conservation supporting local communities and the ecosystem.

Meditative Experience

CASA MAYA KAAN recreates a serene hideaway amid a pristine white beach, calm lagoon, lush tropical forest and swaying palms. The sound of the ocean waves and tropical birds foster utter relaxation and serenity. The spectacular estate offers various spaces for meditative relaxation while contemplating the infinite skyline. CASA MAYA KAAN has been designed to provide its guests the comforts and pleasures of a beachfront setting that embodies the Caribbean unique appeal.

Everyone Delighted

CASA MAYA KAAN it’s the ideal choice whether for couples, families, groups of friends or wedding parties who want to escape the often crowded most popular spots. Here everybody will surely adore the romantic and characteristic ambience. The expansive open-plan design provides an exquisite setting for experiencing the unique beauty of this Caribbean gem.
The local professional staff of CASA MAYA KAAN ensure that every need is easily catered for and total comfort is guaranteed.

Oaxacan Flair, Distinct Touch

CASA MAYA KAAN conserves a simple and thoughtful aesthetic and design.
Plenty of rich wood tones give a warm, welcoming atmosphere that blends with the natural landscape.
Organic elements and traditional Mayan artifacts reinforce the sense of place and add the ambiance of the natural flair and energy.
Colorful accents and ocean inspired décor make it an enjoyable space for hosting friends or relaxing with family.

Human Connection

CASA MAYA KAAN is conceived as a peaceful habitat for those who seek to learn and to share, to awaken the soul and to free the mind, to connect with oneself and to others.
Human connection is pure energy exchange and the power to deepen the moment, inspire change and build confidence.
Following this spiritual path one realizes the connection with the universe and with all living things surrounding this magical place.

Go Tribal

At CASA MAYA KAAN everyone can play an active role in making a difference by infusing positive energy, uplifting the body and raising the spirit. Here guests can think barefoot, celebrate their freedom, and immerse themselves into the local culture, traditions and lifestyle. CASA MAYA KAAN encourages guests to share experiences and passions and to explore, through their mind something new by way of the eyes of another in a timeless and spiritual setting.

Immersive Wilderness Experience

CASA MAYA KAAN is a magical wilderness experience within the outstanding, untainted, and unique environment of Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve and its surroundings. Undisturbed coastline, swamplands, lagoons, tropical forests and an abundance of flora and fauna offer the perfect setting for escape, rest, healing and being at one with nature. CASA MAYA KAAN guests will experience an unforgettable connection with nature by simply wandering around the property and the surrounding area or engaging in one of CASA MAYA KA’AN land or water- based activities and tour options.

Learning about the Maya civilization

CASA MAYA KAAN residents have the opportunity to learn about the rich cultural heritage of the Yucatan Peninsula by visiting its intriguing archaeological sites scattered along the Riviera Maya. The extraordinary ruins of Tulum are one of the most well preserved coastal Maya sites where visitors soak themselves into its rich and fascinating history. Coba and Chichen Itza Ruins are the other two principal outstanding archeological sites for observing and discovering more about the rich and complex Maya civilization that continues to fascinate and attract visitors from all around the globe.

Temazcal Ceremony and Tradition

CASA MAYA KAAN guests have the opportunity to experience the Temazcal ceremony and Maya ancient tradition. The four elements of fire, air, water and earth intervene and stimulate the internal organs.  This powerful therapy bonding with earth and nature helps the body to recover and be reborn.
Offered at dusk, the treatment weaves together ancient rituals, chants, and meditation. The practice gives an almost ethereal sensation of floating in an eternal ocean of sound, and scented steam.  Sweating inside a Temazcal to the drum beats of a Mexican shaman forces one to confront their fears and clear the mind of negative thoughts. Extraordinarily, the physical challenge of intense heat seems to overcome the obstacles a person faces and stimulates a healthy state of mind in those who participate.

Integral Wellness

CASA MAYA KAAN is a sanctuary for health, relaxation and a soothing of the body, mind and spirit in a community that encourage physical and mental well being. Yoga is an integral part of the guests experience along with therapeutic massages and spa treatments that integrates the wellness journey with the natural environment of the Biosphere. CASA MAYA KAAN independent therapists, as well as visiting international alternative practitioners support our guests’ personal healing journey to help them find their true essence.

Weddings - Memories Of a Lifetime

CASA MAYA KAAN offers a spectacular tropical venue for exclusive weddings along a pristine private beach surrounded by lush coastal forest.
In this extraordinary setting couples create their romantic memories to last a lifetime exchanging their vows and entertaining their guests with an unforgettable beach-banquet reception. The vista and ambience combined with locally sourced fresh cuisine ensure a unique and magical experience.