Celebrating a mix of culinary traditions including Italian, Lebanese and Oriental cuisine, and the vibrant spices and flavours of the authentic Mexican home cooking, CASA MAYA KAAN serves up the very best from land and sea in a location that satisfies every sense.

Breathtaking sunsets can be experienced on the scenic lagoon deck while sipping signature cocktails and in the evening dinner is served by candlelight with the soothing sound of the ocean lapping against the shore.

Private Chef

Friendship at CASA MAYA KAAN comes from the belly: for every dining occasion our beloved private chef provides a truly memorable culinary experience that uplifts mind, soul, and spirit of the invitees. He can craft some of the most delicious, nourishing healthy food with a traditional flair. Our chef will suggest dishes from seasonal changes of available produce, and he will take care of health and dietary requirements including vegetarian and gluten-free options as well as children’s meals.

Cooking Classes

CASA MAYA KAAN takes its guests on a culinary journey to inspire and explore new flavors and gastronomic traditions. In the beautiful open-plan kitchen, highly experienced chefs are invited to share their knowledge and their passion for cooking and to influence the participants to develop new skills while providing an exceptional dining experience.

The Harmony of Flavours

CASA MAYA KAAN presents a unique culinary delight through a healthy and natural dining experience. The creative menu features fresh quality local ingredients. Natural produce from land and sea is grown or sourced from local suppliers, and herbs and vegetables are cooked in a way that ensures their health-giving properties and natural flavours are not parted from the dish.

Love in every pinch, sprinkle & drizzle

CASA MAYA KAAN offers pure pleasure with artisanal desserts, freshly baked pastries, delicious cakes and tarts that satisfy any gastronomic desire.
Whether guests inclination is traditional or innovative the fresh and vibrantly flavorful pastries offer indulgence in every bite.