Retreats & Workshops

CASA MAYA KAAN is place for people to feel safe to explore, feel, unravel, peel and come back to themselves. Supported and held by a tribe of likeminded people and the wisdom of nature. Being exposed and completely one with the elements, we have the chance to be reborn again and to shift our perspective.

We are not a place that follows any specific tradition or dogma, although there are many influences and colors from different spiritual paths.

We invite you on a journey that takes you deep within, uncovering darkness and pain, letting go of these layers of protection and therefor having the courage to truly living.

Transformational Journey Retreat

Hosted by Lu Camy

Coach – Reiki Therapist – Yoga Instructor

5 Day Transformational Journey Retreat & Workshop.
A great opportunity to release physical and emotional stress in a supportive and peaceful environment. Participants have access to life-changing techniques and experience the renewing of body, mind and spirit.
The retreat includes meditation sessions, breathing work, yoga and healing circles.

Resonant Soul Event

Hosted by Valentina Mesa and David Rosa

Sound healing and culinary delights specialist

One of a kind event and workshop.
An exploratory journey merging sound healing and soul food.
Resonant soul was created through love, in which they combined  their skills/passion/talents to bring the experience to you.
The sound healing will be lead by Valentina Mesa who is a facilitator that connects through sound, color and scent creating a safe sacred space for your own healing path.
You will be immerse in a sound journey in which your stress level, anxiety and worries will be reduced, elevating your frequency with high vibrational sound, awakening new parts of your brain, unblocking emotions and trauma bringing awareness to your present.
In harmony with the sound experience the journey will continue with chef David Rosa’s extraodinary culinary experience, a full sit-down dinner with nourishing foods that help elevate your mind, body and spirit creating a complete experience of bliss.

Medicine Of Mexico

Hosted by Tricia Eastman

Psychedelic Renaissance Pioneer & Medicine Retreat Professional

6 Days Retreat
Connecting to the ancient wisdom of the Sian Kaan sacred land to take in all the medicine that nature has to offer, while having the space to reflect and relax. The experience includes:

  • Sonoran Desert toad medicine (5-Meo-DMT) via 3 individualized one-to-one sessions.
  • Temzcal sweat lodge ceremony
  • Cocoa ceremony held in the Mayan tradition.

Food is medicine as well, and during the retreat high-vibe, ethically sourced cuisine nourishes the participants. The menu is gluten free and dietary requirements can be accommodated.

That. Day

Hosted by Miriam Adler

Kundalini Yoga & Clarity Breathwork Certified Instructor and Wellness Coach

1 Day Retreat
Everybody knows the transformational power that one day or even one moment can hold, like planting of a precious seed that slowly will grow into a blossoming tree.
A special friends and family gathering to Enjoy That. Day Out Of Time:
Kundalini Yoga practice, healthy Brunch, Beach Purification and Tea Ceremony, Silent Nature Walk, Spirit Breath, Sunset Ritual, Temazcal, and Healthy light dinner.

Love Retreat

Hosted by Miriam Adler

Kundalini Yoga & Clarity Breathwork Certified Instructor and Wellness Coach

An in-depth exploration, and personal transformation experience focused on nutrition, cleansing and trauma healing.
The activities and practices that unfold during the retreat include:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Sharing Circles
  • Rest and Silence
  • Ancient Rituals
  • Emotional Release.

LOVE at CASA MAYA KAAN inspires participants to find inner peace by breaking free from struggle of daily life, and remembering what really matters.

Energy & Flow Summit

Hosted By Team Rosa

6 Days Retreat
CASA MAYA KAAN offers a wellness journey that integrates with the natural environment of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere. The innate tranquility of this environment help to quiet the mind and assist participants to reclaim their centre. Restorative practices are carried out with loving-kindness and with awareness of their ability to transform. The energy of this sacred land grace CASA MAYA KAAN guests with abundant natural blessing.

Feeding Your Mind, Body & Soul

Hosted By Chef David Rosa

3 Days Workshop
This is an opportunity for all experience levels participants to come together to share, learn and prepare innovative nourishing foods, it will be an interdisciplinary event that aims to teach the significant effect that occurs in our physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.
This practice will take place in a nurturing environment where you connect with all your senses and with what you are preparing finding the balance in your own wellness journey.
A nurturing environment where people take charge of their own health and happiness preparing their own nourishing foods on a daily bases

Pristine Yucatan! Divine Timing!

Hosted by Edemir & Scarlet

December 10 – 17, 2019

The CHI is hosting an all-inclusive retreat for a once in a lifetime experience

Full Moon on 12-12
Come to the Yucatan for This Rare Cosmic Alignment!

We offer nature’s magnificent container where you can rediscover your joy and childlike essence. We provide everything so you can rest and receive the power of the land and amazing gifts from our healers. The Yucatan is famous for being the home of multiple vortex sites – centers of energy that are conducive to self-exploration, prayer, meditation and receiving spiritual guidance. Sian Ka’an (South of Tulum) has long been a gathering place for alternative healers, artists, energy workers and spiritual pilgrims on their own personal journeys of transformation.  Here, you’ll embrace the Mayan culture that’s focused on wellness and spiritual renewal, making it the ideal place to step away from the stressors found in your daily routine and focus completely on your personal growth. Come dance, come swim, come sing and be still.

Escape and Reconnect

Hosted by Sandra Lora

October 28 to November 3, 2019 Mayan Riviera

I invite you to combine your Yoga practice with a transformative travel experience, escape from the stressors of your daily routine, slow down and breath, only this time in the pristine air of the Biosphere of Sian Kaan surround it by stunning nature, “where the sky is born” according to the Mayans.

Imagine immersing yourself in an oceanfront private villa reserved exclusively for our group. Come and experience:

  • A week full of inspired yoga practices for all levels;
  • Nourishing with delicious organic foods prepare by our private Ayurvedic Chef;
  • Healing rituals for purification and renewal;
  • Inspiring tours to the wonders of the region, pyramids, cenotes and lagoons;
  • Sunset and sunrise meditations;
  • Magical nights under the starry sky, gathering by the fire to dance, sing and connect to the tribe.

Whatever aspect of your life you are looking to enrich, this is your opportunity to reconnect with yourself and receive insight and inspiration to create that possibility. My hope is that you return home feeling restored, happier, healthier and inspired!

Private Retreat

October 13 - 20, 2019

Heart of the Maya

Hosted by Camille Willemain

November 9 - 16, 2019 Sian Ka'an
Ceremony - Rebirth - Magic - Love

If Ixchel called out to you from her pure white conch shell, on the turquoise Caribbean waters of Mexico, would you answer? Heart of the Maya is a soul reunion for all women ready to reawaken the sacred feminine within themselves. Together we will commune with the dark rich earthy and light crystalline etheric energies of Sian Ka’an, calling in the four directions of the shamanic medicine wheel, guided by the great Maya Deities including Ixcacao, the goddess of chocolate, and Ixchel, the Jaguar goddess of the moon. This will be a week of true sisterhood, awakening embodiment practices, powerful ceremonies, and lots of play in magical nature. Together we will transform through transcendental dance meditations, feminine yoga, rebirthing breathwork, Mayan temescal with local shamaness, cacao ceremonies, women’s circles, and adventures to stunning cenotes and ruins. This week is much more than a retreat, it’s a gateway into a whole new reality to take with you for your lifetime.