How I needed the rest!!! Casa Maya Kaan was pure indulgence – I am spoiled for life. Luxurious accommodations surrounded by a lush, tropical setting. Fabulous meals prepared by a darling Mayan couple who were always happy to service us. We actually wanted to adopt them…wayyy to precious and sweet!! I leave this place with a heavy heart but know that my return is not too far off in the distant future. We are physically back at home however our hearts and thoughts remain in Tulum. Wow.…what a place!!  
  Eleanor H
Marblehead, Massachusetts
  I am an Italian Travel agent and, thanks to my job, I have been able to travel to many places around the world. This vacation to Casa Maya Kaan has been THE MOST PLEASANT EXPERIENCE I HAVE HAD IN MY LIFE!  
  It is important to say that this is not a standard all inclusive / massive vacation, if that is what you are looking for, it is not the right place.  
  Casa Maya Kaan is located into the Sian Kaan National Reserve: the unpaved road that takes you from the main entrace of Sian Kaan to the House is surrounded by a lush vegetation. Birds and butterflies were chasing my car and they were welcoming us to their wonderful world, where no cell phones, no agendas or traffic or stress will interrupt the Karma until the end of my stay.  
  Once arrived at the property, Marisol and German, the couple that takes care of the house, greeted us with sincere smiles. They are very genuine and simple people and, throughout our stay, they went above and beyond our expectations.  
  The house is magnificent and it is provided with the most updated comforts and technologies: a 60' Plasma screen TV in the living area, even a Wii and Xbox! Blue Ray DVD player and an extensive Movie Library with probably over 100 different choices! Not even at Block Buster! Led TV's in every bedrooms with Sky TV! And, if you like to cook, the Kitchen has the biggest & most modern appliances. Much better than some restaurants I have worked! But the best overall, the house is eco-friendly! Solar panels, an Aeolian Generator, low consume light bulbs and air conditioning, just to mention a few!  
  The decor is impeccable and very appropriate: the colors used are matching perfectly with the environment. white, red, gray and blue with Colonial Mexican accents.  
  This is with no doubt A BEACH FRONT HOUSE, No matter were you are, you have an
amazing view of the beach - even when you brush your teeth!
  The truth is I felt so blessed to be able to be there, in that peace of heaven. It felt so great to touch that white soft sand, to breathe that pure and fresh air.. that left me completely speechless! It made me realize that I have never been on vacation, until then! I am sure you have never been in a real secluded tropical beach! No one else, just you, and the sun, the wind, the crabs and the birds - if this is your dream, make it come true at Casa Maya Kaan.  
  My only complain is that it was too hard to back to "civilization" after all this: I cried like a baby - believe me! God bless you!  
  Laura A
Rome, Italy
  The actual home and property was beyond everything that is described in the listing. So beautiful, so peaceful and absolutely one of the best vacations I have ever experienced.  
  The property was brilliantly maintained and clean and more importantly, the house is so incredibly elegant while at the same time cozy and so very comfortable.  
  There was lots to do including adventures in the lagoon and floating down the river , starting out in a quiet jungle near a ruin.  
  I couldn't wait to swim in the beautiful Caribbean and did so every day. On some days we’d venture into town for some shopping and sightseeing, however I’d always find myself hungry to get back to my lovely home away from home.  
  I don't think that words can express how wonderful it all was, and of course, I have recommended this home to all my friends and family.  
  Ellen B
Los Angeles, California
  Nach mehreren Jahren ohne richtigen Urlaub haben mein Mann und ich uns entschlossen, mal etwas anderes zu machen und uns so richtig zu verwöhnen. Da wir in Playa del Carmen leben und nicht wirklich weit weg fahren wollten, haben wir ein bisschen in Internet gesucht und Freunde befragt und sind somit auf "Casa Maya Kaan" gestossen. Die Buchung und der Email-Austausch waren prompt und unkompliziert und somit haben wir Kind und Gepäck ins Auto geladen und sind 1,5 Stunden nach Sian Kaan gefahren. "Casa Maya Kaan" liegt ungefähr eine halbe Stunde hinter den Eingang zum Biospherenreservat Sian Kaan (UNESCO Weltnaturerbe) an einem unberührten Strand. Ausgestattet mit dem Feinsten (Luxusküche, diversen Strandbetten, versteckten Sitzecken und Volleyballfeld) und einem unglaublich netten Paar, dass sich um Haus, Garten, Gäste und deren Kinder kümmert, haben wir uns sofort wie zu Hause gefühlt. Wir hätten noch viel länger bleiben können! Falls Sie Natur und Ruhe bevorzugen, müssen Sie auf jeden Fall einige Tage im "Casa Maya Kaan" verbringen! Wir haben absolut keine Beanstandungen gehabt, und wir sind uns sicher, dass kein anderes Hotel oder Privathaus dieses überbieten kann. Vielen Dank, Mirasol & German!  
  Steffi K.
Berlin, Germany
  Arriving at this splendid home removed any airline induced stress! Phil, the owner, was amazing and so helpful. Everything was just as he said it would be. The house managers were so friendly and the meals were simply delicious. This is truly a piece of paradise. You can walk for miles on the beach on the incredible white sands. The water is always warm and we just felt safe the whole time we were there. The home is far enough away from civilization that you really feel like you have been away-which we like. All the amenities of a five star resort exist from flat screens to AC to a Sub Zero. There are some amazing areas the owners have created to just sit around and be lazy if you wish.  
  Will A
Santa Fe, NM
  I had the privilege to stay at Casa Maya Kaan over Thanksgiving weekend in 2012. A group of friends and I were in Tulum for a friend’s wedding and CMK was the perfect place for us to stay.
Amenities: The property is even more amazing than the pictures show. Our group of 14 people was easily and comfortably accommodated with all the bedrooms, queen beds, pullout couches, and built- in couches. The property is about 50 yards away from the ocean. Each morning we woke up to the sunrise and walked to the beach for coffee. The property includes a bunch of toys also: snorkel gear, kayaks, an inflatable boat, etc.
  Services: The couple who take care of the property, German and Mirasol went above and beyond their responsibilities. They prepared meals for us based on our schedules, organized taxis for us, maintained a clean house, and really took care of us as if we were family. The management company did a fantastic job as well helping us book the house, communicating our requirements with German and Mirasol, and communicating with us during the trip. My deposit was returned within one day of leaving the house.  
  Herman L
San Mateo, California
  We booked Casa Maya Kaan for our beach wedding (sight unseen) and it was one of the best decisions we've made. The house is chic yet approachable/comfortable. We woke up to breath taking sunrises and pristine turquoise Caribbean water. Phil (owner) was super sweet & the care takers are warm and very accommodating. I learned how to make fresh tortilla from them.  
  Jeffrey S
Los Angeles, California
  I flew from England to stay at Casa Maya Kaan with my sister and her family at Casa Maya Kaan in July 2012. After spending a few hectic days in Playa del Carmen with all it offers, Casa Maya Kaan in Tulum was the perfect, peaceful remedy. The house is beautifully appointed, right on the beach with a lagoon across the road. We spent most of our time in the water, either snorkeling or floating down a lazy river in the lagoon area. The house has everything you could want for a relaxing break, especially German and Mirasol who look after the guests in five star comfort. We visited at what is probably the hottest time of year, but the house remained cool downstairs and we had AC in the bedrooms to keep us comfortable at night. Mirasol prepared our meals quickly and efficiently and I have to say, the menu was diverse and tasty. Thumbs up from me!  
  Jane S
London, England
  Our family rented the Casa Maya Kaan for my daughter’s wedding and a family vacation. It was perfect in every way! German and his staff were fabulous. They attended to every need and the margaritas were some of the best I have ever had. The location was remote and the road getting there was difficult, but once there it was truly paradise. We didn't want to leave and will definitely put it on our travel plans to visit again.  
  Kelli H
Houston, Texas
  My husband and I got married at Casa Maya Kaan just over a year ago and the experience was nothing short of magic. We recently took a trip back to Tulum where I was reminded of what a special place Casa Maya Kaan is.  
  The process of booking Casa Maya Kaan was one of ease. The attentiveness throughout the process was so appreciated. Upon arriving at the house, we were stunned at how gorgeous the entire home and property is. We were welcomed by a wonderful staff who made the experience unforgettable - they are the best! German, Luis, Santi and Mirasol cooked amazing meals and looked after us. They are incredibly kind, attentive people and really made the experience one of ease and pleasure. We thank them for the unforgettable experience!  
  The home itself is stunning and remote, about a 40 minute drive into the Sian Kaan biosphere. The modern design compliments the amazingly beautiful property. The views from all of the windows are ones of expansive turquoise water - its absolute paradise!  
  Mirasol, German and team keep the home and property immaculate. I have honestly never stayed at such an amazing place with such amazing staff.
I cannot recommend Casa Maya Kaan enough. Thank you Phil, William, German, Mirasol, Luis and Santi for such an amazing experience! Your home holds a special place in our hearts, and we can't wait to visit again!
  Jessica V
New York, New York